Where The Hell Am I?

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You’ve wandered in a strange land where time and space don’t exist.  Okay, not really, though I do have issues sometimes remembering what day it is and time has never been on my perpetually late side. So Sort of?

This is where my random thoughts go. Rants, stories, day to day stuff and sometimes REALLY BAD POETRY.


There is a new section going up.  Those posts will, however, be password locked.  It will cover my voyage back in to the world of BDSM and remembering how to give the gift of submission with out becoming a door mat.

Anyone who is allowed in to that side of my life will need to mind their manners.   It will be interesting for me to see where this journey takes me and how it differs from the first time.  Will old lessons come back to me, will I be able to tame my ODD enough to even do this or will it all be new all over again?  Time will tell.


I’m Julia 🙂

I’m 44 (oh god how did that happen)

I’m naturally a red head who tends to change her hair color randomly with no real given notice or warning.

I love to game and have several hundred games on Steam I may never finish.

I have that same issue with reading and knitting.  I love to read, it’s rare I finish anything lately.

I spend a lot of my time alone in my room for health reasons so I tend to talk people to death (or at least until they run away)

and I don’t seem to know how to type in anything other than walls of text so outside of some pretty bad poetry, brace yourself for that. Long posts are Long.

There’s a lot in here about my former relationship with my ex, it varies from good to bad in places.  I was going to take it down but I think I need a reminder from time to to time as to why we don’t do that again.

There will be things about my current.  He will hate that. I think 3 people might read this ever so he shouldn’t worry.

I love cats and snakes and sometimes dogs if they are bigger than 3 liter bottles.


Why I’m in here alone.

Lupus (SLE and Cutaneous, one hits the internal parts the other my skin when it so chooses.) Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome mostly.  The drug I take to control the lupus gives me a compromised immune system so I tend to stay home more than go out to avoid germs.  Not that you’re all gross germy monsters just that I have no real way to fight them off and what you are sick for a day or two from may take me months.

I forget things, sometimes 2 seconds after you tell me, sometimes a day or two later. It’s part of the illness cycle.  I don’t do it on purpose but it’s annoying and I know it.  It also means there’s a 90% chance if I tell you a story about my life, I’ve probably told you before.  Be patient with me, please, or at least nice when you tell me you’ve heard that one before.

So stay awhile and listen (read) and maybe become my friend while I fight my way through this mess I call a life.