Oh for the love of Assassins Creed…..Ubisoft, Business Models and Morons

So somehow my post on the reaction to players using a beta reported, unfixed exploit to kill a boss. That punishing your player base is a BAD IDEA business wise. A post I wrote thinking it would be seen and read by maybe 10-20 people at the most because I’m not JUST a gaming blogger, I also blog about my life and as I’m just an internet nobody, not even Twitch or YouTube Famous, literally yesterday morning, no one outside of my circle of friends and family knew who I was, or cared what I wrote.  Then this happened. Somehow, my  tiny post hit the Trending tab on Facebook under the hashtag about Ubisoft punishing players who used an exploit to kill a boss and how I think that’s a bad business plan.  More of the drama llama below!

I wake up from a nap, to this nonsense.


I warn you now, it’s long and the comment section gets a little riled up.  Well they do, these people I don’t even know.  (with one, maybe two now, exceptions.) Mostly I’m just amused.  I’m aware of my size, I’m also aware that no matter how many immature net trolls call me ugly, that I am not, in any way.  I am also aware I spend pretty much all my time on my PC. Those who know me know why. In 2007 I started getting sick, and weaker and much more easily fatigued.  Yes I was overweight, but this was drop you to your knees, holy shit why is gravity trying to sink me into the floor kind of fatigue. Also sore, joints hurt, hands hurt, sometime a sheet across my skin would make me cry out, touches meant to be gentle, felt like knives or punches and I couldn’t keep food down. Oh and sunlight, forget it. It burns and I mean round rashes that become burn-like. OW.  Many doctor visits later and we have our diagnosis.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

with a mild case of

Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus

SLE and CLE for short.

what the hell is Lupus? Click the line below and see

It’s never Lupus! except ya know when it is.

We also got bonus prizes


 yay you don’t look sick so no one believes you’re sick for ages

Food intolerances

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Yes it’s a real thing and it sucks

And recently the REALLY fun one

Orthostatic Hypotension

It’s something that happens to everyone, every so often. You stand up too fast and feel dizzy or have to sit back down from it, random balance loss when standing and immediately moving forward. Every single one of us has had that, except, mine isn’t going away AND it makes me faint, sometimes the 7 feet from my bed to the bathroom and back is enough and it doesn’t seem to matter how long I wait after sitting upright or changing seating positions, I stand up, I get woozy, sometimes I involuntarily fall  back into the chair. Those are the fun ones to deal with easy peasy.  I sit and tell my friend who drove me I need the wheelchair (which I dislike using) and she gets it and I shift from one seat to another and we move on but I hate asking.  MOST of the time, I am stubborn and I want to be independant. I like to walk places, I walk places but  85 to 95% of the time, I’m going to faint, with almost no warning. The other % of the time I catch it fast enough to find a place to sit before I fall.   I miss hiking and camping and the SCA so much but I’m a liability even if I sign a waiver. So I no longer do those things, or yoga or belly dance or in general have fun that requires walking/standing.  If grocery shopping alone is out of the question, then marathon running, gym equipment, free weights and even a swimming pool tend to be right out.

Fainting is NOTHING like the movies, first everything goes spinning and you get dizzy, your feet start to tangle up as you try to walk to the closest, preferably softest spot to land, or if you’re lucky, sit. Then everything goes blurry and you feel your knees give way and then blackness, for me, lasting from 15 seconds to so far for me, the longest being 30 minutes in my living room floor.

(which I had not told my roommate nor therapist about and they will now be upset with me for not telling them. Hey at least I landed on the loveseat that time)

I tend not to tell how often I faint or fall over (sometimes it’s not a full faint) because as stated above, I’m stubborn and I want my independance and I’m scared that admitting that will cost me the few freedoms I have.

No one with an active, functional mind wants to be a long term care facility nor could I afford a good one and my insurance doesn’t cover in home care, which is good as the poor helper would drive me insane and that’s not their fault, it’s mine.

It’s also something that shouldn’t develop to this extent until you’re in your mid to late 80s

I am displeased about this and hoping it fades in time.

So I can’t walk, run, swim, lift, or use machinery,  if I get on the floor to do some bodyweight exercises, I can’t get back up. (see next sentence) Thus I’ve been pretty much bedridden for 6ish years, all of this equals severe, all over muscle atrophy.

I’m working on fixing it, I’ve lost 135 pounds, with no surgery and no diet pills, just a change in the way I eat and what I drink.

Physical Therapy starts soon, it’s going to hurt but it will be worth it

After that, lifting, because I want to replace where the fat was with muscle, tone up and MAYBE get parts of my life back that I thought were gone forever.

Now I know that none of you reading this from the Tolling point of view give a damn, some will try to use it as ammunition to hurt or upset me.

That’s gonna be hard to do, I’ve lived through worse than this.

I rather like myself just fine, well or sick. So honestly, your opinion means nothing.

This is here only to summarize why so much of my time is spent on the computer.

My life is my pc.

My income, what little there is, is PC Based (granted I just started)

My escape from constant chronic pain that I refuse narcotics for

My place to contact my friends who live world wide and I’d have otherwise never met

and where I go to relax, catch up on news

and yes, game.

Puzzle games, flash games, mmorpg, simulators, FPS games (which unless I shove a flashbang grenade up your nose, I’m bad at) combat games, retro games from my childhood. I had a tabletop Galaga and Ms Pac Man, did you? (I also had them taken away a lot because I’d stay up forever playing them) In the mid 80’s they were awesome.  Survival games, pointless story driven games, hidden object games and even some good old fashioned zombie head bashing.

The more a developer can pull me in, the longer I’ll play and the more likely I’ll continue to play (be it sub based) or will start all over and try to get to the end a new way.

I’m currently REALLY hoping CSG doesn’t screw up or cancel Camelot Unchained because I adore Realm vs Realm and unless something changes, I’ve a score to settle. The wait for just the beta is driving most of us donors insane.

To those who know me, Hi.

To those who just met me Hi and sorry for the health TMI I felt it was essential and maybe someone will learn somethings and help someone like me live a better life.

and to those who chose to troll me (a few are still going, do they even sleep)

I’ve been a gamer since before most of you commenters were born.

I’ll continue to be one until the day they pry my translucent hot pink controller from my cold dead hands

Don’t question my pedigree or right to speak up on this topic just because I’m female (or any other asinine reason you come up with)

Or I’ll crush you with the weight of all my 2nd and 3rd Ed AD&D books.

(and you don’t want that, the full spiral bound Monster Manual hurts when it lands and dice make bitchen caltrops)

As for how we got here, well somehow I hit the trending tab, or Ubisoft did and as of 10am today mine was still the first post to come up under the hastag.

I have haters? Does this mean I’m semi-famous now? Probably not.

Do I care?  No, not really, but since their attempts at trolling me made me laugh

well I was taught it’s nice to share.



(who is not reviewing a new game this week because she’s sorta stuck on Warframe.

If I vlog I should totally call it Dia does Games (badly)

I was going to add into the title and a year or two behind everyone else but it makes it too long.

TL:DR? I’m a gamer and my gender is irrelevant to that fact or my right to speak up on the subject.  Stupid Trolls are hilarious.  And apparently I should start a vlog…

those of you who don’t absolutely suck donkey balls, what do you think of the vlog idea?

Also as he was not a dick to me last night (though I’m waiting on a reply to the last message exchanged, I passed out hard),

Here’s a shameless plug for Amiri Kings YouTube channel.

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  1. Oh how I adore you in all of your snarky, intellectual, kiss my self-esteem, wonderfully bitchy bad-assery. I’m so happy you got so much attention! There were a bunch of good comments and some networking opportunities too. Just keep doing you. You got this.

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