Fairy Tales and Truths and Valentine’s Day

There is no

“Happily Ever After”

There is

“Happily Together Despite It All”

Real love takes work. The fantasy wears off

and if you manage to stay together despite bills, illnesses, fights, rumors,

the petty day to day stress that wear us all down & out

so much that we forget that the person across from us

That’s the person we picked, ourselves, to spend our life with.

And then we, in our exhaustion and pain, hurt each other.

We get too proud to admit that we’re wrong or it’s not important anymore.

We close off. We let ego get in the way. We neglect the ones we love

and even if they never leave us,

we lose such an important part of them and they lose the same from us.

We forget what made us important to each other.

We get lost and we forget why we love.

It’s those other moments, those small reasons,

the way they laugh, the way they hide their smile except from you,

the way they look so peaceful while asleep

How they look at you when they think you don’t know they’re looking.

 how you sneak glances at them because just knowing they’re there with you is enough

What ever it is that made you first stop and go

“This one is special. this one is for keeps”

If you can hold on to that despite everything the world throws at you.

Then you can hold on to love, not movie love or romance novel love,


So hold each other up against the pressure

wanting nothing more than to be together

You will have love

love will have you.

And that is wonderful.

2-12-17 JDW


Happy Valentine’s Day.  All of you, with or with out a Significant Other.

Know you are loved.

Know that I love you.



*also have the top part as a meme, on two backgrounds, cause I was asked for it as one. re-post at will, just give me credit for my words. Kay? Awesome!

yes these are secretly for ants.

some things! I made words 🙂 you can download and share them.

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